Men’s Pilates Grip Socks – Rock and Roll

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Men’s pilates grip socks with rubber sole. These non-slip socks give you a great grip, extreme comfort and an awesome fit. Ideal to practice activities such as yoga, pilates, or just to walk at home. Warranty of quality and durability.


Men’s Pilates Grip Socks – Rock and Roll

Puket grip socks for men are perfect to practice “body-mind” activities, or just to stay comfortably at home.

They are extremely comfortable and safe during physical activities due to their great grip. Breathable, very soft, without internal stitching and very pleasant.

They are ideal for many sports, such as pilates, stretching, some martial arts, body balance or any kind of gymnastics requiring bare feet.

These men’s non-slip socks have an ankle sock shape.

They fit perfectly and are the only socks in the market including a nice mint scent.

Premium quality grip socks, they protect your feet, improve your performance during your training and isolate you from the cold.

Really durable and easy to wash, they undoubtedly are everything a man needs from this kind of product.

Puket rubber sole socks are a warranty of satisfaction. You will feel that you are barefoot, that your feet are taken care of, and safe thanks to their amazing grip.

Choose your non-slip socks and discover the Puket pilates grip socks. Nowadays, rubber sole socks are a must for many people, no matter their age.

Product details – Men’s Pilates Grip Socks – Rock and Roll:

  • Partial rubber grip sole
  • Ankle sock shape
  • Grey color
  • Extra soft touch
  • Mint scent
  • Sizes: 41-46

Enjoy the best anti-slip socks by Puket. This brand puts all its love and joy in its socks.

Some models are available in multiple sizes for the whole family. Great if you want to enter the fashion of wearing the same clothes than your children.

Top quality and style with Puket socks that you will only find here, in the best and most complete store specialized in grip socks.

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