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About us – Non Slip Socks: is born in order to offer our customers around the world the greatest variety and quality they will find in Grip Socks. We offer the most original rubber sole socks in the market, that come in a great variety of colors and the most creative designs. A product for all ages, ideal for the very first steps of your baby, motor skills classes for children and the most demanding physical activities for adults. Perfect socks for yoga and pilates lessons, as well as for any other activities that requires bare feet, or just as a very comfortable accessory at home. belongs to the international trade company Don Arturo Import-Export S.L., global dealer of the Brazilian brand Puket. It is a brand committed with quality that makes a great social work. Puket is a brand born to bring you joy starting from your feet, that has as its motto “we only make products to fall in love with”.