It is known that 1 in 3 people fall once a year. Wearing a pair of non slip socks will help reduce the risk of falling. No skid socks are for all ages and they are available in a wide variety of colors and styles for men, women, children and babies.  Non slip socks are great for wearing around the house especially if you have wood floors or any other type of slick floor. Using them after getting out of the shower will not only help to keep your feet warm, they will help to prevent a fall on a slick bathroom floor. No slip socks are also great to wear on stairs and around a swimming pool or sauna.

non slip yogs socksNon slip yoga socks: It is best to practice yoga on a proper mat with bare feet. A mat will help you keep your balance because, it provides a grip for your feet. Wearing shoes can limit your flexibility and movement in your ankles and feet. If you want to wear a pair of socks for sanitary purposes it is best to wear a socks that are no-slip. Wearing a regular pair of socks can increase the risk of losing your balance. They are available in a regular anle stlye, toe or toe-less.


adult no skid sockMen’s non slip socks: If you want to keep your feet warm but, don’t like the way slippers feel then you may just like a pair of  non skid slipper socks. A lot of men don’t like the bulkiness of  slippers but, they want something on their feet to hang around the house in during the cold winter months. They are available in ankle or calf heights and you can find them in cotton, fleece or wool a variety of colors and prints.


kids socksKids non skid socks are perfect for your child at any age. When they are in the beginning stages of walking be sure to get a few pairs of baby non-skid socks. This will help your toddler get around  better and hopefully reduce their falls. They also help older kids from falling on slick or wet floors and stairs.

If you have a “no shoes” rule in your house no slip socks would be great for your entire family and guests. Not only would they be good to wear around the house they are perfect if you or someone you know is in the hospital. They will keep your feet clean, warm and prevent a fall on the slick hospital floor.

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